Local Community Information

We have put together the following helpful facts and information for our new members of the community. Please refer to the phone numbers below if you have any questions and most importantly, enjoy your new home.

Important Phone Numbers:

Gas (So Cal Gas): (800) 427-2200
Electricity (LADWP-Los Angeles Department of Water & Power): (800) 342-5397
Telephone Services (AT&T – land line or data services): (800) 310-2355
Cable (TimeWarner TV or data services): (888) 892-2253
Plumber (Emergency Only): Make sure the tenant is aware that IF the plumbing problem was caused by tenant's mis-use

of the plumbing or disposal that the tenant will pay for the very expensive emergency

service ($165 for a house call). As much as $300 for a drain unclog of wipes or feminine products.
Locksmith: 24 hr Service : (323) 510-2150
Police Non-emergency: (877) 275-5273
Police or Fire Emergency.: 911

Local Numbers of Interest:

Abandoned Vehicles 1-800-222-6366 
Animals - North Central Animal Shelter 213-847-1416 
Animals - Stray & Barking Dogs 1-888-452-7381 
Cars Parked in Yards 1-888-524-2845
Fire Department Brush Clearance 818-374-1111 
Fire Hazards 1-310-412-5350 
Graffiti Eradication - Central City Action Committee 213-241-0908 
Graffiti Eradication - Free Paint CD1 213-485-0763 
Graffiti Eradication - Free Paint CD13 323-957-4500 
Hazardous Waste Disposal Information 1-800-988-6942 
Mayor - Anotonio Villaraigosa 213-978-0600 
Parking Enforcement 1-866-869-2929 
Parkway Maintenance 1-800-996-2489 
Storm Drains 213-485-5391 
Street Lighting Repairs 1-800-303-5267 
Trash and Bulky Item Pick Up 1-800-773-2489