General Unclogging

Unclog using a Hand Snake/Steel Auger

What if all everything I've tried fails or I'm certain I'm just going to do this wrong? 
Call the gas company if you are nervous about relighting the pilot light yourself or when you have problems keeping it lit. They will come out, but it may take a couple days. Ask the gas company what their fees are for relighting a gas furnace, but SoCal Gas, 800-427-2200, usually comes out for free.

7. What if I smell gas?   
If you smell gas, open the doors and windows to ventilate the area. Then check your pilot lights. If they are lit, and the smell of gas persists, then call the gas company (800-427-2200) because something unforeseen may be happening. We’ve never experienced a natural gas emergency, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. Use common sense. Be safe.

8. What do I do if my smoke detector begins to chirp?    

That means the battery is dead. Although the detector may be hard wired into your home by an electrical wire it will have a battery back-up and those do expire. Simply replace it with a 9 volt and it will be quiet again. Don’t remove the smoke detector with the intent of taking care of it ‘some day’. BE AWARE THAT THE SMOKE DETECTOR IS ATTACHED TO THE WALL AND YOU MUST DETACH THE WIRES IF YOUR SMOKE DETECTOR IS HARD WIRED - Here's a video link for removing a 'Hardwired Smoke Detector':

Unclog tub with diverter


9. What do I do if I have a plumbing leak?    
Turn off the water at the fixture – every fixture in your home has an on/off valve-knob for the water supply. Just follow the tube to the wall. Therefore, should you have a fixture that begins to leak turn off the water and call us. It’s usually an easy fix.

10. What if the toilet or sink is clogged?  
It's a common problem. 99% of the time it's because the tenant put something there that didn't belong. Most clogs are because of hair and soap in the base of your drain (it can happen in the sink as well) and the clog is just a ball of hair and soap that's caught up in the hair, creating a blockage.  Maintain it or unclog it. If your call out our handyman or plumber for a hair clog you will pay for the service. So please try to take care of it first.

This note and the links herein should give you enough information to take care of most of the clogs you’ll create. They may refer to the use of a tool called a “snake”, “plumbers snake” or “drain snake” ( A snake, sometimes known as a "toilet jack", is a flexible steel cable used to remove clogs in plumbing. We have a drain unclogging device (snake) stored on every property for your convenience. Use it if you need to.(and picture of it below).

Using a Snake

Tenants have often used Liquid Plumber or its equivalent to unclog a drain. This may not be very effective, but it's certainly okay to try.  It is not common for a liquid drain cleaner alone to clear their drain. Many of those solutions now come with a 24” plastic snake that will grab the hair that’s stuck in the drain, because it’s far more effective than the solution by itself. You can use the snake on the property if needed.  If you've never used one before, please refer to the video, it's just a metal cord that you stick down the drain and spin around. (

Contact information
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1. Where do I pay the rent?
2. Who do I call if I have a question?
3. What do I do if my lease is up?
4. What if I have to move before the term of my agreement? 
5. My stove or furnace/stove won’t turn on. Why?
6. How do I re-light the pilot light on my furnace, water heater, or stove?
7. What if I smell gas?
8. What do I do if my smoke detector begins to chirp?
9. What do I do if I have a plumbing leak? 
10. What if the toilet or sink is clogged?
11. Do we have recycling?   
12. Can I put up a Satellite Dish?
13. Can I wash my car in the lot?
14. What do I have to do for "move-out"? 

1. Where do I pay the rent?     
Alchemy accepts electronic payments for rent using the Venmo, Square and Chase QuickPay. No more lost checks. Further, by using Epayments tenants can set up the rent on 'auto-pay' or pay by phone.  Better still is the opportunity to set up your payments early, so they pay on the first - much than waiting until the first and trying to find the time to take care of it. Life happens and, before you can blink, you’re late on the rent. Late is painful (6% fee). Late a few days is very painful (10% fee). Late three times in a year is the ultimate painful (no longer a tenant). Timeliness is valued.

2. Who do I call if I have a question?     
Property Management 909-993-8900. You can call anytime. Leave a detailed voice mail message if you do not speak to someone directly. The messages are sent to text and distributed to the management representative. Explain why you have called and what you are looking for and the message will be handled promptly.

3. What do I do if my lease is up?   
It’s up to you. Your lease is automatically converted to a month-to-month agreement. If, after the term of your tenancy, you wish to vacate the unit simply drop a note in with your rent or call the office to let them know you will be moving thirty days in advance. At the bottom of this page is a list of recommended cleaning/prep to your apartment for move-out. We strongly suggest that you simply return the unit as we gave it to you. The cost of cleaning and prep by outside vendors is probably more than you want to pay.

4. What if I have to move before the term of my agreement?   
That's life. It happens, but please be aware that you are responsible for the rent during the term of the agreement. All that means is that we want the unit rented again as soon as you vacate, so whatever you can do to help make a transition to a new occupant easy, is in your best interest. Therefore, if you move out on the 25th and, with your cooperation in viewing and cleaning the apartment, we're able to put someone else in there on the 1st, great, no loss. However, if the new tenant does not occupy until the 15th of the next month, you would responsible to cover 1/2 month's rent. At the bottom of this page is a list of recommended cleaning/prep to your apartment for move-out. We strongly suggest that you simply return the unit as we gave it to you. The cost of cleaning and prep by outside vendors is probably more than you want to pay.

5. My stove or furnace/stove won’t turn on. Why?     

If you have a stove with a pilot light...

  • Usually - The pilot light is out. Under the surface of the stove is a little gas flame that is always lit so that when you need the service of that appliance it will turn on immediately. If that flame goes out, as sometimes they do, simply hold a lighter to the pilot light area and it will re-ignite. Do not worry if the pilot light has not been on and gas has been pouring into the house. Per the Gas Company, natural gas dissipates quickly and does not ignite as easily as Hollywood action movies would have you believe.  There is a link to a video showing you how below.

If you have an electric ignition stove...

  • The stove is simply unplugged and needs to be plugged back in. 
  • Your GFI (the outlet on the wall) is out and needs to be reset by pressing the reset button on the outlet.

Rarely- The Earthquake Emergency Valve has been tripped on the gas meter. If someone bumps the meter, or there is an earthquake, the safety valve will shut off the gas to the unit. If you can locate the gas meter you can reset it.  Resetting the valve is simple – if you can operate a turn of a screwdriver, you can do it, otherwise, call the Gas Company.

Rarely- The gas bill hasn't been paid. The Gas Company will shut it off if you don't pay.

6. How do I re-light the pilot light on my furnace, water heater, or stove?
First of all - be safe! Make sure the gas is off and ventilate the area before attempting either of these.  Consult the gas company (SoCal Gas 800-427-2200) or safety manuals should you have any doubts about what you are going to attempt. 
                                 Below are links to videos and instructions we've found useful...
Instructions for newer models (Preston):  
It should have a gas valve with a knob with 3 positions. Off, Pilot and On. Turn the thermostat off so the heater will not come on. Put the gas valve in the Pilot position. There should be a button to push to supply gas to the pilot light. It may be the gas valve knob that you have to push down. Place a lighted match to the pilot light, or better a long-necked lighter, and push the button. The pilot should light. Hold the button down for about 3 minutes to heat up the thermocouple above the pilot light. Release the button, The pilot should stay lit. watch this video -

Instructions for older models:   Below the large heating tube is a metal cover that you will need to remove to access the pilot light. Once the plate or cover is removed you will see the heating element (the circular device that blows flames up into the tube to the heater in the wall furnace) and the pilot light below that. Use ONLY a long neck lighter to reach that and the pilot will light instantly. The knob below allows you to adjust the volume of gas or the amount of heat you want. We found instructions with pictures on at this URL :

Water heater?: 
The water heaters come in two styles. One is a spark ignition, the other is a Honeywell ignition. Most are spark ignition. IF you have a clear opening to the pilot light we suggest using a long necked lighter rather than matches; it's just a heck of a lot easier.
To light the pilot light does this...
 or the Bradford or Honeywell ignitor -

Stove? :
Place your lit match or lighter by the gas jet. It should light immediately with a small blue flame. If the pilot lights for the stove are both on and you can still smell gas, please check to see if the third one for the oven is lit. You can see it if you open the broiler door and look all the way in the back. We suggest using a long necked lighter rather than matches; it's just a heck of lot easier.  Watch this video

If you have an electric stove and the oven gets warm,

but not hot, call us. The igniter may be malfunctioning.

If it's unsolvable, or an emergency, you can call a plumber. Be aware that if the plumber says you caused the problem to the toilet or disposal, you'll have to pay for the repair. A  plumber will charge a minimum of $80 for a toilet unclog, so please be cautious, and do what you can to solve problems as they arise. 
    Plumber (Emergency Only):  $80-$100 to unclog a toilet or drain.


11. Do we have recycling?   
Yes, the private trash company we use 'hand picks' through the trash we put in the bin, so put it all in there together.

12. Can I put up a Satellite Dish? 
Please no. We have tried to create a look, and feeling to the environment; calming, charming, one of serenity. We feel satellite dishes take away from that goal. The cable company can give you anything you need for viewing with an obscure cable through the floor.

13. Can I wash my car in the lot? 
Sorry, no. Washing your car in the lot can get you fined by the city. The residues from the soap and car grit go straight to the ocean, the run-off is considered toxic and a pollutant. Therefore any run-off from washing a car is illegal.  Car washes (the folks who do it for business) have to recycle their water. Therefore, please do not wash your car at the building. The environment and your city thank you. 

14. What do I have to do for "move-out"?  
As you have probably been told during your move-in process; just return it in the same shape we gave it to you.  If, however you do not choose to clean it or return it to the original condition you must be aware that items that have to be cleaned or repaired by our staff or vendors will be charged at a minimum of $25.00 per hour, so it will be a lot cheaper for you to return the apartment to us in clean, repaired and immediately rentable condition. We request you to do so.   That being said, The following is a checklist of items to be done before returning the apartment, and the average time involved in the cleaning of that item. Please note these are general averages for time involved with cleaning.

STOVE/OVEN (2.5 hrs)
Under & behind the unit itself (the stove can easily be slid out of its current position)
Burners & Surface, this includes the area below the burners. (On most electric models the burners can be removed by lifting the outer-most portion of the burner and gently pulling away from the center of the stove top, this will allow the stove top to be lifted off to facilitate cleaning underneath. The drip pans should be removed and cleaned or replaced. Recommended cleaning agent – Soft Scrub or similar solution.
Oven & Broiler/Lower Storage Drawer (if so equipped), removing the oven rack(s) will aid in their cleaning and the cleaning of the oven. Recommended cleaning agent -Aerosol Oven Cleaner.
Surface, this includes the front and sides of the unit. Recommended cleaning agent-409 or similar solution, and Soft Scrub or equiv. if necessary.
Under & behind, also dust and remove all lint and pet hair from the evaporation coils located on the rear of the unit.
Surface, top, front, & sides. Recommended cleaning solution -409 or equiv.
Inside, the shelves and drawers are removable and should be removed during cleaning and to be cleaned. Recommended cleaning agent -409 or equiv. The unit must also be defrosted prior to cleaning. Make certain to keep an eye on the melting ice, and empty the water catch often.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When you are finished, be sure to turn the refrigerator ON to its warmest setting or leave the door ajar and unplug electrical cord from wall. DO NOT KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED WITH THE UNIT 'OFF', THIS COULD RESULT IN ADDITIONAL CLEANING CHARGES.

Inside cabinets and drawers
Outer surface and top of cabinets
Counter surface and tiles
Recommended cleaning agents -409 or equiv., Soft Scrub or equiv. If necessary, and Pledge or equiv. for outer cabinet surfaces.
KITCHEN/BATH (0.75hrs)
Recommended cleaning agent -Pine Sol or equiv.

HARDWOOD (0.75hrs)
Recommended cleaning agent – Murphy’soil soap (floor must be rinsed properly after cleaning so no film remains.

BATHROOM (3.5 hrs)
Tub, Lavatory, and Toilet
Medicine cabinet
Polish plumbing fixtures and towel/toilet paper holder/etc.

BLINDS (2.5 hrs)
The easiest method of cleaning these is to remove them from the windows then hang them in the shower stall on wire coat hangers. Recommended cleaning agent -409 or equiv.

WINDOWS (inside only) (1 hr)
Dust and wash all window sills and moldings in each room including closet doors, closet, etc.)

Replace any light bulbs that have burned out with the same watt and style bulb. BULBS THAT ARE NOT REPLACED OR REPLACED INCORRECTLY WILL BE CHARGED AT $5.00 -$10.00 EACH.

Vacuum and steam clean (if necessary) all carpeting. Remove any spots or stains. STAINS THAT ARE NOT OR CANNOT BE REMOVED ARE CHARGED AT $10.00 PER SQ. INCH. STEAM CLEANING CHARGES ARE $50.00 TO $75.00.

If you have an animal you must de-flea the apartment with a bug bomb upon vacating.

  • Remove spots from walls
  • Remove all tacks or nails from walls and repair holes with spackling compound (white).Get touch-up paint from Manager and paint spackled areas.
  • HOLES NOT REPAIRED (fill and touch up) WILL BE CHARGED AT $10.00 EACH.
  • Smell or smoke damage caused by smoking, incense, candles etc will be charged for full re-paint of unit.

ALL KEYS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE RESIDENT MANAGER PRIOR TO LEAVING. Keys not surrendered are deducted at $25.00 each ($50.00 each gate opener). 


Thank you!